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we are a full-service creative agency with a knack for organic marketing.

Marketing that values rough edges over cut corners.We Elevate brands by digging down to their roots.

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Whether it's your next email campaign, social media post, product launch or something in between, one of the toughest aspects of marketing is how you represent your brand to the world.If you've ever asked yourself something like:"I know I have a unique offering, service, brand, product, etc., but how do I tell other people that without sounding cliche?""Should I just focus on my brand's strengths and ignore everything else? Maybe a little bit of exaggeration is okay, right?""How much of myself needs to be associated with my brand? How personal should I get with it, if at all?"We've been there too.Talking about yourself and your brand can be tough.When it comes to your potential customers: they aren't as close to your brand as you are. They don't know the imperfections of your business: the biases, the struggles, the rough edges.All they see is the end result.
To you, these things might feel like bad things.
But to your customers, these things may very well be what draws them to your business!
So, how do you take a step back and figure out what it is that makes it truly special?That's where we come in
We're the outsiders who bring objectivity to the table for you.
We work with you to identify the true strengths, weaknesses, backstory, and value of your brand.
From there, we take a big step back together, and we look at the entire tapestry of your brand.However big that tapestry might be, whatever colors it might have, there is always going to be something ridiculously unique about it.That's the nature of art, and it's no different when it comes to your brand.So, if you're interested in building an entire marketing campaign from scratch, or just want to test the waters with an initial first post - we are here to dig deep into your offer and elevate it higher than you ever thought possible.


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David Austin Thompson's roots begin in the Ojai Valley, CA. During his time working in the film industry in and around Los Angeles, David called the town of Ojai his home for many years.After writing, producing and directing multiple film projects, David began taking on numerous remote post-production jobs and clients. He soon realized that he could work for Hollywood and his freelance clients while living literally anywhere in the country.So, he chose Tennessee. He relocated to the foothills of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in Johnson City, TN. The move not only brought David closer to his East Coast friends, family and industry connections, but it allowed for him to branch out from his hometown and share his expertise with an even greater clientele.For more of David's work, visit his production website here

Matthew Stirling is a communication specialist for brands across the public and private sectors.After time in the U.S. Army, Matthew moved to Los Angeles and began work as a film producer and cinematographer. He would spend five years refining his craft and making content connecting audiences to high quality brands.His current work spans the globe from Tennessee to Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC. Most recently he worked for the National Institute of Standards and Technology while leading startup workstreams in communications and customer relations for the CHIPS act to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the United States.He holds a master's degree from NYU Steinhardt with a thesis on social media influence and artificial intelligence.